Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Camping, 2014

Last weekend we got to go camping with some of our old roommates from college. With new jobs, big moves, and service internships on the horizon, it was a sort of last hurrah! The weekend was spent reading, napping, hiking, cooking, talking, laughing, playing, frisbeeing, and most of all just relaxing. It was wonderful to get away from the city and stressful jobs and just... be.

   IMG_3325 IMG_3333 IMG_3392 IMG_3401 IMG_3614IMG_3409IMG_3611IMG_3589IMG_3577IMG_3563IMG_3420IMG_3446IMG_3478IMG_3538IMG_3494IMG_3546IMG_3559

We hope that you enjoyed your weekend and that you had some time to relax, too!

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