Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Wisconsin Adventure
The year 2014 is a year for change. Small changes such as starting to run, learning new recipes, and making a budget; and big changes like moving far away (more to come on that later!). Who knows what changes lie ahead of us this year.
But before we embark on any BIG changes, we want to explore this place we're from. Combined, we've spent nearly 50 years in this state and we still haven't seen most of it! So this year, we are going to explore the crap out of this native land of ours. Let the Wisconsin adventure begin!
Here is our list of 33 things we want to do in Wisconsin this spring/summer/autumn (adapted from the Wisconsin Trails List):
  1. Camp on a sandbar on the lower Wisconsin River
  2. Climb to the top of Wisconsin's highest natural point, Timm's Hill
  3. Visit Wisconsin's tallest waterfall: Big Manitou Falls (also Little Manitou Falls!)
  4. Kayak or canoe down the Milwaukee River
  5. Hike to the top of La Crosse's Grandad Bluff
  6. Ride an inner tube down the Apple River
  7. Listen to the call of the cranes at the International Crane Foundation
  8. Climb to the top of Holy Hill's scenic tower
  9. Check out Parfrey's Glen
  10. Do the dunes at Whitefish Dunes State Park
  11. Have a picnic at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area
  12. Climb Lapham Peak's observation tower
  13. Watch the sun set over the Mississippi River at Wyalusing State Park
  14. Take in the view of Lake Michigan at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
  15. Walk the land that inspired Aldo Leopold's "Sand County Almanac"
  16. Walk through Wisconsin's last original covered bridge (Cedarburg - Covered Bridge Park)
  17. Visit Milwaukee's historic North Point Lighthouse
  18. Sip award-winning wine at Wollersheim
  19. Find a new favorite ice cream flavor at Kelley Country Creamery
  20. Leon's or Kopp's? Which is better? (Okay, this is really just an excuse to eat custard...)
  21. Eat in a forest at Delta Diner
  22. Have a slice of Wisconsin's best apple pie in a bag from the Elegant Farmer
  23. Tour the state's first urban cheese factory (Clock Shadow)
  24.  Chow down on an all-you-can-eat lumberjack breakfast at Paul Bunyan's
  25. Watch some flicks at the Hi-Way 18 Outdoor Theatre
  26. Watch Shakespeare under the stars (spring green)
  27. Find some treasures at 7 Mile Fair
  28. National Mustard Museum. Obviously.
  29. See art within art at Milwaukee's Charles Allis and Villa Terrace museums
  30. Splash Studio! Drinking and painting? Hell yes.
  31. Tailgate and watch the Brewers win at Miller Park (Who hasn't done this? But I'm always up for some (vegan) brats & (gluten-free) beer in a parking lot behind a stadium!)
  32. Drive the Great River Road
  33. Close Wolski's!

By the time next winter hits, we will know this state oh-so-well! I'm so eager to traverse the greatest state ever, see its sights, sleep in its parks, swim in its lakes, eat its food, and meet its people. Do you want to join us? A lot of these will be Saturday day-trips to nearby places and won't take much planning ahead, so let us know if you want to embark with us. Let's go Wis

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