Thursday, December 26, 2013

Highpoint #6: Woodall Mountain, MS

We got up early the next morning and, after taking in this beautiful sunrise and trying (read: failing) to make a fire to cook breakfast, we were on the road again heading for Mississippi. Of course, a trip the the south is not complete without a greasy meal at a Waffle House!

Woodall Mountain was our next stop, and although we read that there was a road to the top, we wanted to hike it from the bottom for some exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, we turned onto the tiny, abrupt road and were unable to turn around until we got to the top!
So, we didn't get our hike in, but we did make it to the highest point on Mississippi - our third one in three days!

It was a beautiful highpoint, though the sounds from the hunting club nearby were a bit alarming!

So, we did it! We have officially conquered six highpoints! Only 44 left to go...

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