Thursday, December 26, 2013

Highpoint #5: Britton Hill, FL

I realize that this was nearly a month ago, but I haven't yet finished telling the tale of our Campsgiving Adventure! Our road trip to the south continued from Alabama to Florida for the next highpoint - Britton Hill, which stands at a grand total of 345 feet above sea level. Fun fact: the lowest points of 16 states are higher than the highest point of Florida! This highpoint was located down a narrow country road in a weirdly vacant little park.
Yup, 345 feet. Really.

Although this highpoint was less than riveting, we journeyed on and came to our campsite in Florala park, just a few minutes away from Britton Hill. Here we met a little girl named Sunday Grace and camped next to a couple whom we swear were running from the law and been camping there for three weeks already. It was a gorgeous place to camp, though.

This was Thanksgiving, so we had yummy hobo dinners over the fire after watching a splendid sunset!

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