Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Highpoint #4: Cheaha Mountain, AL

Campsgiving Weekend, Part 1

Much to the dismay of my mother, Kyle and I decided to make the most of the last time we will both be on school schedules and have Thanksgiving break by taking a road trip to the southern region of the US. We have been wanting to go camping this autumn (one of our fall goals!) but haven't had the chance; since Wisconsin is not camper-friendly for most of autumn, we figured that heading south was our best bet. Plus, we wanted to do some hiking and highpointing in a few new places.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not in the holiday spirit this Thanksgiving weekend. As we packed the car and left Wisconsin at 6am last Wednesday in the 10 degree weather, we hoped that the "near record lows" in Alabama and Mississippi would miraculously warm up. They didn't.


Of course, Kyle the Minimalist reserved us a primitive campground to which we arrived in the freezing cold darkness after driving for 12 hours. We used our headlights to put up the borrowed tent we'd never set up before.  Then, we quickly piled all of our blankets into the tent and hunkered down for the night. 24 degrees, you can't stop these crazies! 

We awoke to a frosty morning in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It was actually a really beautiful place once the sun peaked over the mountaintops. Our first real mountain highpoint lay ahead! 

After some navigating, we found the top of Cheaha Mountain. 2407 feet! 

We climbed the observation tower at the top for a better view. It was definitely the most beautiful view we have seen yet!

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