Monday, October 7, 2013

Highpoint #2: Campbell Hill, OH

The Korbines family set out on our very first road trip this weekend. Our goal: hit 2 high-points and visit friends in Columbus. Our goal was to get to Campbell Hill, Ohio by 8pm so that we would have a little bit of sunlight left to take a few photos and enjoy the view (which didn't actually exist...). Unfortunately, due to the ever so fun Chicago traffic, we were a bit behind schedule. We realized that the grounds on which the hill is located closed at 10pm... so we raced through the rainstorm to get there before 10 o'clock. 9:55 rolled around, and we pulled through the gate (and hoped it didn't close with us inside!)

Well, here are a few terrible pictures taken in the pitch black pouring rain!

Lookin good while signing the registry!

 The view from the top... isn't it grand??

 We tried to get a selfie in the rain... 
but failed.
So we took this really attractive one in the car instead.

So there you go, our second highpoint! More to come soon!

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