Friday, September 27, 2013

life after the wedding.

Things have been settling down in our cozy apartment. We are organized and the walls are decorated and it feels quite homey. Pictures will come soon, I promise. Kyle and I make such a good pair & we live together really well (which is actually a huge relief!). We are learning funny things about each other -  Kyle talks in his sleep, I can't stay up past 10 pm, there is disagreement about the "right" way to put the toilet paper on the holder, and we both hate clutter but leave our clothes in giant piles on the bedroom floor all week long.

We finally have a rhythm. It feels wonderful to finally be settled.

So what are we up to besides school and work these days?

While we were on our honeymoon, we made a list of goals for this fall - I think maybe we were just so used to having a million To-Do lists that we didn't know what to do without one! While we relax and enjoy married life, we want to be intentional and adventurous as well!

1. Finish sanding & staining our dining room table.
2. Get a fall CSA.
3. Take a trip to Columbus & hit the OH & IN highpoints.
4. Take a trip to the Smokey Mountains.
5. Go camping.
6. Visit & hike Devil's lake.
7. Learn how to make pesto, gluten free bread, and falafel. (Let's be real, this goal is for me. Kyle volunteered to help eat it all, though, so I guess that counts as his participation.)
8. Apply to the Peace Corps (!!!)
9. Go canoeing on the Milwaukee river.
10. Learn how to make a good cup of French pressed coffee. 

It's a lot for just a few short months, but we are determined to do it! If you would like to join in on some adventures, you are more than welcome to :)


  1. We want to help with lots of these! Mainly - 5/6 (we're planning on doing this anyway), 9, and 10. We have french press every single morning :).

    1. Yes, yes, yes Johanna! Do you have a trip to Devil's Lake planned already? If so, when?


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