Friday, May 31, 2013

The table, Phase 1: Sanding

Recently, Kyle and I found an old beat-up table on the side of the road near his house. Because we are huge fans of upcycling and reusing materials we decided to take in this castaway (which is a secretly large, beautiful, solid-wood table!) and restore it.

So, armed with a few pieces of sandpaper and having read a grand total of zero Pinterest tutorials on how to refurbish furniture, we settled in for the long haul of hand-sanding a giant table. After about 10 seconds of this labor, I suggested we get a power-sander, but my little environmentalist partner insisted it was better not to use electricity and more fun to do it by hand, so our painstaking process continued.

Day 1: The table top.

Day 2: The base.

After a few lengthy sanding sessions we are probably half-way done with getting the thick finish off of the wood. It may be a while before I post about the next step of this project! We are, however, enjoying our time in the sunshine working together on this piece of furniture for our soon-to-be home!

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