Monday, February 4, 2013

it's been 6 years, and now...

Today I started my internship at Integrated Family Services in Milwaukee (a private agency which does Ongoing Case Management & Intensive In-home Care for the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare). I don't have much to say yet except that I have my own cubicle (weird), I'm doing a lot of training, and I am so pumped to FINALLY get into the world of foster care & adoption in the city of Milwaukee. I have been waiting 6 years for this - my passion for adoption began when I was 16 on a trip to Costa Rica. Ever since then I have known that I wanted to do adoption; it's the reason why I'm going to school for social work. So hooray! Here I go, into the complicated, confusing world of child welfare!

I found this info-graphic today (on this awesome blog) from the Department of Social Work at USC. It's a little peek into the world of Adoption. Enjoy!Adoption in America [INFOGRAPHIC]

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